Why did Packers let Davante Adams leave?

Why did Packers let Davante Adams leave?

Why did Green Bay give up Davante Adams

It's less money than a tag, and there's no security just like a tag would be." NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported in July 2021 that the Packers and Adams had "broken off" negotiations over a long-term deal, noting that the two sides were in a "bad place." Adams deserved to become the highest-paid receiver in the NFL.

How does Aaron Rodgers feel about Davante Adams leaving the Packers

Aaron Rodgers said Monday that his admiration for his former teammate, wideout Davante Adams, has only grown since his trade to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason. "Him and I have stayed really close, and still talk all the time," Rodgers told Serge Ibaka on How Hungry Are You (9:40 mark).

Did Davante Adams want to be traded to the Raiders

Adams requested a trade out of Green Bay after the 2021 campaign, and his primary motivation seemed to be reuniting with Derek Carr, his college quarterback at Fresno State. But Carr is no longer in Las Vegas.

Did Davante Adams like Aaron Rodgers

Davante Adams loved playing football with Aaron Rodgers. But the former Packers receiver was tired of an apparent growing narrative that his success was largely due to catching passes from a four-time league MVP and future Hall of Fame quarterback.

What did the Packers get out of the Davante Adams trade

Although the Packers got good picks for Adams, they didn't get as many as one might expect for a player of his caliber. They got the Raiders' 2022 first- and second-round picks, taking linebacker Quay Walker with the first and packaging the second-rounder to move up and get Christian Watson.

What did Packers get for Adams trade

The Raiders sent their first two picks in the 2022 NFL Draft to the Packers in exchange for Davante Adams. The first-round pick was No. 22 overall, and the second rounder was No. 53.

Are Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers still friends

While both Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams have gone their separate ways, the former Green Bay Packers teammates remain good friends off the field.

What did Rodgers say about Adams trade

Referring to Adams's tweet, a fan called out to the quarterback, "Aaron, I heard Davante is looking for a neighbor, bro." “Tell him to buy me a house. He's got that money now,” Rodgers replied. Rodgers's response indirectly referenced the five-year, $141 million contract Adams signed upon his St.

Is Davante Adams unhappy with the Raiders

Star wide receiver Davante Adams said Thursday he's happy to be a Raider and enjoys his relationship with coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler. Recent comments by Adams raised questions about how content he was with the direction of the club.

What did the Raiders have to give up to get Davante Adams

The Las Vegas Raiders are acquiring Adams from the Packers in exchange for their 2022 first- and second-round picks, and giving the superstar receiver a new five-year, $141.25 million contract, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport and NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Thursday.

Who are Aaron Rodgers closest friends

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and offensive tackle David Bakhtiari formed a close bond on and off the field over the last decade as teammates.

What did Aaron Rodgers say about Davante Adams

Rodgers said. "With all due respect, he's not on Davante's level. "I'm sure that the team will say that's just the business of negotiation—it's like, yeah, but you're also sending a message to that guy, and a lot of times it can stick with guys and make them a little sour on things. …

Can the Raiders cut Davante Adams

The Raiders could, in theory, trade Adams after June 1, limited the cap charge to $7.85 million this year and $23.6 million in 2024. Alternatively, he could be traded after June 1, 2024, once again cutting the cap charge to $7.85 million, and kicking $15.7 million to 2025.

What did the Packers get for Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers have traded QB Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets. The Packers will receive a first-round selection (No. 13), a second-round pick (No. 42) and a sixth-round selection (No.

Did the Packers offer more money to Adams than the Raiders

Final thought (for now) on the Davante Adams trade: His agents Frank Bauer and Kenny Chapman confirm that the #Packers offered more money than the contract he'll sign in Las Vegas. Simply, it was his lifelong dream to be with the #Raiders.

Are Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers friends

Brady also described his friendship with Rodgers as “unique” because of their semi-closeness in age and their limited head-to-head matchups.

Why did Adams get traded to the Raiders

Adams said Thursday that he declined a bigger contract with the Packers to move closer to his family and play for the Raiders, a team that he grew up rooting for. “Time of my life,” Adams said. “There is much more that goes into it and family is a big part of it for me.

What was involved in the Davante Adams trade

The Las Vegas Raiders are acquiring Adams from the Packers in exchange for their 2022 first- and second-round picks, and giving the superstar receiver a new five-year, $141.25 million contract, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport and NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Thursday.

Did Davante Adams go to the Bears

But unfortunately for Bears fans who are salivating at the prospect of Adams coming to Chicago, the reality is it's not going to happen.

Where is Davante Adams going

Las Vegas RaidersDavante Adams / Current team (#17 / Wide receiver)

In March 2022, Green Bay traded him to Las Vegas, who signed him to a blockbuster deal worth $141.25 million over five years, making Adams the highest-paid receiver in the NFL at the time.

How much did Davante Adams want

After Davante Adams was traded to the Raiders on March 17 after eight seasons with the Packers, the five-year deal he signed with his new squad worth $141.25 million.

Do Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love get along

Instead of Rodgers rolling over, he won back-to-back NFL MVP awards in 2020 and 2021, before having something of a down year in 2022. To that end, Rodgers has always been complimentary of Love when asked, so there likely isn't any hidden animosity between the two parties.

Are Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb best friends

Cobb and Rodgers became close friends over 10 seasons together, including two after Rodgers essentially demanded the Packers front office re-acquire Cobb in a 2021 trade with the Texans. Only Davante Adams has caught more passes from Rodgers than Cobb in the regular season plus playoffs, per ESPN.

What did Aaron Rodgers say that he does not regret

Packers' Aaron Rodgers Says He Doesn't Regret Yelling 'I Still Own You' at Bears Fans. During his weekly segment on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers said his comment about owning the Bears "was definitely spur of the moment, it was fun. I don't regret it at all."

What did the Raiders trade away for Davante Adams

They also traded away star tight end Darren Waller. Adams had the option to stay in Green Bay. The Packers' offense would've been far better with him. Maybe Adams staying would've been enough for the Packers to make the playoffs and go on a run.