Why did Jessica dress as a boy?

Why did Jessica dress as a boy?

Why does Jessica dress up as a man

This leads me to the second way that Shakespeare liberates Jessica from her assigned gender roles. Jessica dresses up like a male (2.6) in order to escape from Shylock and her disguise is what makes the gender roles temporarily disappear.

Why does Jessica disguise herself

She reveals her intelligence and independence when she escapes her father's house by disguising herself in male clothing and taking money and other valuables with her.

What was Jessica disguised as

She will disguise herself as Lorenzo's torch bearer and slip out undetected. She will leave during the night while Shylock is asleep. She will take her father to a large public auction and get lost in the crowd. She will fake her own death.

Why did Portia disguise herself as a male judge

Portia dressed herself up as a lawyer so she could help Antonio in court. She did not want him to know who she was as that might influence the choices he might make. Explanation: The Merchant of Venice is an interesting story written by the extraordinary William Shakespeare.

How did Jessica slander her love

Slander her love, and he forgave it her. Jessica teases that Lorenzo swore his love for her but was full of lies, and Lorenzo jokes that she is slandering their love, but he forgives her for it.

Did Shylock love Jessica

Jessica's behavior is not altogether surprising when one considers Shylock's treatment of her. Shylock shows his daughter little affection or kindness—she is his flesh and blood and therefore an extension of himself, not a person in her own right.

What scene does Portia dress up as a man

Summary: Act IV, scene i, lines 164–396. Portia enters, disguised as Balthasar. The duke greets her and asks whether she is familiar with the circumstances of the case.

Is Portia manipulative

In this role, Portia proves to be both clever and a little manipulative when she asks Bassanio for the ring he promised never to give up, thereby making him beholden to her as they begin their marriage.

How was Jessica dressed up and why

She dress up as a torch bearer of Lorenzo so that she can easily escape and no one could identify her.

Does Shylock love Jessica

Shylock shows his daughter little affection or kindness—she is his flesh and blood and therefore an extension of himself, not a person in her own right. Days after she has run away, he exclaims in disbelief, “My own flesh and blood to rebel!” (3.1. 32). In her first scene, Jessica laments, “Our house is hell” (2.3.

Is Antonio in love with Jessica

He is in love with Jessica. He dislikes Shylock.

Why do Portia and Nerissa dress as men

She feels confident that she can outwit any male competitor, declaring, “I'll prove the prettier fellow of the two, / And wear my dagger with the braver grace” (III. iv. 64 – 65 ). In short, by assuming the clothes of the opposite sex, Portia enables herself to assume the power and position denied to her as a woman.

Is Portia a hero or villain

Portia is the hero of The Merchant of Venice because she impersonates a lawyer in order to free Antonio from the consequences of his contract with Shylock. Portia finds a weakness in the agreement – she tells Shylock that he can take his pound of flesh but must spill no blood. The loophole saves Antonio's life.

Is Portia the real hero

Q: Who is the real hero in The Merchant of Venice Portia is the heroine who saves Antonio from losing one pound of his flesh, leads her lover Bassanio to the personality transformation that he seeks, and makes a happy ending possible for The Merchant of Venice.

Is Shylock a villain or a victim

Shylock is not necessarily a villain in The Merchant of Venice but he is an antagonist. He could be classified as a victim as well, particularly of discrimination, but his role as a victim in the play is of his own doing. Shylock wants revenge against Antonio because, as Shylock puts it, he hates Jews.

Who does Antonio love


Both Antonio and Portia love Bassanio but in two different ways. Portia perceives Antonio's agape is in competition with her eros, (both forms of love will be defined later) and throughout the play she is seen trying to defeat Antonio's agape and she does this by subjugating Antonio, firstly with her wealth.

Does Jessica really love Lorenzo

Jessica is Shylock's daughter and at the start of the play is living in his house. She is in love with a Christian, Lorenzo.

Why does Lorenzo love Jessica

Lorenzo gives a straightforward appraisal of Jessica as he reflects on his love for her. He describes her as wise, fair, and true, all qualities that she demonstrates to him. The audience has also seen these traits through her thoughtful plan of escape.

Who does Nerissa dress up as

Shakespeare uses this disguise convention later in this same play with Portia and Nerissa disguised as a lawyer and his clerk.

What gender roles does Portia have

Portia remained submissive in her domestic and emotional sphere. Portia had no control even over her private affairs. For example, she had to follow her father's will of picking a spouse, as sensitive as it was, indicating her father's dominance. Nevertheless, she obeyed her father's wishes even after his death.

Why was Portia killed

The exact way she died was never said, but it is assumed that President Snow ordered the Peacekeepers to kill the stylists via firing squad. Her death was presumably excruciatingly painful, as per Snow's other executions. It is possible that Snow had her killed to intimidate Peeta, who was in Capitol custody.

Who is the villain of Merchant of Venice


Shylock is a fictional character in William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice ( c. 1600). A Venetian Jewish moneylender, Shylock is the play's principal antagonist.

Is Shylock a good father

Shylock, the least successful parent, combines the other two fathers' worst characteristics without any of their redeeming ones—he is a domineering yet oblivious father who fails to show his daughter the love she needs.

Does Antonio kiss Bassanio

Sure enough, right there in the first scene of the first act, Antonio and Bassanio share a rather passionate kiss.

Does Lorenzo really love Jessica

Lorenzo is in love with Jessica, Shylock's daughter and helps her to escape from her father's house so that they can run away and marry. Facts we learn about Lorenzo at the start of the play: He is a Christian. He is a friend of Bassanio's.