What is the shortest possible field goal in the NFL?

What is the shortest possible field goal in the NFL?

What is the shortest FG attempt

The shortest possible field goal under current strategies is slightly over 17 yards in American football and 8 yards in Canadian football (Canadian football requires the ball to be snapped at least one yard away from the end zone).

Is a 70 yard field goal possible

If you've never seen someone kick a 70-yard field goal, here's what it looks like. Just so there's no confusion: A 70-yard field goal is kicked from your OWN 40-yard line. Here's one more angle of the kick that gives you a better idea of how well York struck the ball.

What was the shortest FG in the Super Bowl

The last of Turner's three field goals in Super Bowl III was for 9 yards, the shortest in Super Bowl history (which Mike Clark of the Dallas Cowboys tied in Super Bowl VI): at that time, the goal posts were located at the front of the end zones.

Where is a 50-yard field goal kicked from

In American football, a field goal is scored by kicking the ball through the uprights past the touchback area on each side of the 50-yard line (the two lines that mark each end zone).

Has anyone ever had 100% FG

Wilt Chamberlain has dropped the most points in a game with a field-goal percentage of 100.0, with 42 points against the Baltimore Bullets on February 24, 1967.

Has anyone ever drop kicked a field goal

Early football stars Thorpe, Charles Brickley, Frank Hudson, Paddy Driscoll, and Al Bloodgood were skilled drop-kickers; Driscoll in 1925 and Bloodgood in 1926 hold a tied NFL record of four drop kicked field goals in a single game.

Is it possible to get a 100 yard touchdown

Can't-Miss Play: Chiefs' Defense Delivers Bizarre 100-yard Touchdown After Goal-Line Fumble. Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Bashuad Breeland returns fumble made by Detroit Lions running back Kerryon Johnson 100 yards for touchdown.

Can a QB throw 70 yards

A key skill for an American football quarterback is to throw the ball both accurately and for distance. Many throws during a game are over a short distance, but some players have been known to throw up to 70 yards (64 meters) when needed.

Who has the longest FG in NFL history list


Distance Kicker Date
66 yards Justin Tucker September 26, 2021
64 yards Matt Prater December 8, 2013
63 yards Tom Dempsey November 8, 1970
63 yards Jason Elam October 25, 1998

What is the longest FG return in NFL history


Antonio Cromartie set the record with a 109-yard return of a missed field goal for the Chargers in 2007. Cordarrelle Patterson also had a 109-yard kickoff-return TD for the Vikings in 2013.

Who kicked a 72 yard field goal

Butker's 72-yard bomb would have obliterated the 66-yard NFL record set by Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker last season. Butker also made a kick from around 65 yards, which matched the distance of the kick made by Chiefs safety and likely emergency kicker Justin Reid during training camp.

Has anyone kicked a 69 yard field goal

Tucker's kick set an NFL record, but it is still well short of the NCAA record. On Oct. 16, 1976, Abilene Christian's Ove Johansson uncorked a 69-yard field goal against East Texas State. With the kick, Johansson broke a collegiate record that had stood for less than 20 minutes.

Who has the highest FG percentage in history

DeAndre Jordan

The NBA career record for field goal percentage is held by DeAndre Jordan at 0.673.

How much is a dropkick worth

Drop kicks are also mandatory to restart play from the 20 metre line after an unsuccessful penalty goal attempt goes dead or into touch-in-goal and to score a drop goal (sometimes known as a field goal) in open play, which is worth one point.

Is dropkick still legal in NFL

Yes, dropkicks are still legal in the NFL today. The move was first legalized in 1967 and has been used by a number of teams over the years. Today, it's mainly used as a way to score points or prevent opponents from scoring touchdowns on kick returns.

What QB can throw 100 yards

Josh Allen can throw a football over 100 yards, Bills running back Zack Moss claims. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has one of the strongest arms in the NFL, there's no debating that.

What is the furthest touchdown ever

We're highlighting the longest plays ever:Longest Passing Touchdown: Eli Manning 99 yards to Victor Cruz in 2011 (Tied with 12 others)Longest Rushing Touchdown: Derrick Henry (2018) and Tony Dorsett (1982), 99 yards.Longest Interception Return: Ed Reed (2008), 107 yards.

How far can Tom Brady throw

Quarterbacks always take pride in their spiral. – you don't ever want to throw a ball that wobbles. Some people do though. Yeah my Tanner never did.

Who made a 68 yard field goal

Dirk Borgognone did not know or want to know the distance. Today, Reno and the rest of the modern world know the distance — 68 yards. The Reno High senior kicked a 68-yard field goal in the third quarter against Sparks in a Northern AAA football game Friday night…

What is the 2 largest comeback in NFL history

Largest deficits overcome to win

Rank Largest deficit Scores
1 33 points Colts led 33–0 Vikings won 39–36 (OT)
2 32 points Oilers led 35–3 Bills won 41–38 (OT)
3 28 points Chiefs led 38–10 Colts won 45–44
Saints led 35–7 49ers won 38–35 (OT)

Who kicked a 69-yard field goal

Ove Johansson

It happened back in 1976 in a game between Abilene Christian and East Texas State. Ove Johansson pulled off a 69-yard boot for ACU, still the farthest on record. Here are the five longest kicks in NFL history.

Who made a 69-yard field goal

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker drills 69-yard field goal at Arrowhead Stadium in warm-ups.

Who kicked a 73 yard field goal

Brandon McManus kicks 73-yard field goal at Broncos practice.

Who has the highest FG with 50 points

Wilt Chamberlain has the highest field-goal percentage in a game with more than 50 points, at 87.0 percent against the Seattle SuperSonics on December 20, 1967.

Are dropkicks legal in the NFL

Yes, the NFL currently allows players to dropkick during games. This move is legal because it's considered a “non-kicking motion” under Rule 3, Section 18 of Article 1 of the NFL rulebook.